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Threadmaster™ Tap

Flexible value in tap threading

Seco is now a single-source supplier for all cost-effective, high-output thread tooling, with the introduction of the Threadmaster Tap, which marks the company’s first tap product offering. Seco's threading solutions offer versatile solutions for both general and specific applications.


Designed to be universal in application, the new high-speed steel Threadmaster Tap effectively threads holes in a wide range of workpiece types and materials. The tool features an advanced coating technology that enables it to achieve higher cutting data and output in steel up to 350 HB, stainless steels and cast irons when compared to the uncoated solutions typically found in this product area. It also comes in 4 different types of taps so that it can produce blind and through holes, as well as accommodate the most common thread sizes and tolerances found in job shop and contract manufacturing environments.

• Spiral helix taps for blind holes and spiral points for through holes
• Straight flute styles for short chipping materials (cast iron and brass)
• Form taps for ductile materials
• Wide range of common thread sizes and maximum diameters
• Advanced coatings and geometries for application versatility
• Combined drilling and tapping functionality

• Universal type maximum diameters of M36, M48 and M64
• Special ISO P, N, M and K material taps: straight flute M4-M42, spiral helix M1-M30, helix point M1-M30 and forming M1-M48
• Internal and non-internal coolant versions
• Small M4 and M5 sizes with internal coolant
• Work with Seco’s EPB 5867 synchronised tapping chucks