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Key benefits with the Seco patented Steadyline™ vibration damping shell mill holders are increased productivity, improved surface finish and longer tool and spindle life. Steadyline

Steadyline vibration damping shell mill holders improve the dynamic rigidity of milling assemblies. This allows much higher cutting data, with quieter operation and optimum stability.

Difficult-to-access machining areas, such as large, complex workpieces and deep cavities, demand long overhang tools and these applications are becoming increasingly common.

A typical long overhang milling operation can be performed twice as quickly as with a classic system, not to mention the increased tool life.

The Seco patented Steadyline – dynamic damping system – will boost your production in a wide range of applications while reducing operating costs.

Steadyline shell mill holders are available in a wide range of types and sizes (cylindrical, conically strengthened, HSK, Seco-Capto, DIN, BT and CAT).


Seco now incorporates its recently developed GL Connection with new Multi-Directional Turning (MDT) interchangeable heads for use with the Seco Steadyline modular vibration-damping tool bar system. Together, the GL Connection and Steadyline bars ensure precision and superior surface finishes for grooving and turning with the new MDT heads in long-reach applications as well as those with high risk of cutting vibrations.

With the extremely high-precision GL Connection, users can quickly, easily and accurately exchange MDT heads and other types on the Steadyline bars. Once the bar is set, tool heads can be mounted and remounted without having to reset the system. The polylobe tapered interface of the patented GL Connection features two positions so that MDT insert cutting edges can be oriented to face either up or down for effective chip control.

The MDT heads will also offer Seco’s Jetstream Tooling® coolant technology. Jetstream Tooling is a high-pressure coolant delivery system that efficiently removes heat from the cutting zone to improve tool life, part quality and productivity. Coolant is channeled through tooling to outlets in very close proximity to the cutting zone.


New EPB® 610 rough boring heads and EPB 620 radial type fine boring heads with GL Connection take Seco’s boring bar system to extended depths while providing benefits of the Steadyline vibration damping technology already available for milling and turning applications.

With its innovative Seco GL Connection, one Steadyline turning/boring bar can run all types of Seco GL heads for static internal turning operations and now also for rotating boring operations. The Steadyline bars eliminate the difficulties of deep boring applications (up to 10xD), while the userfriendly heads provide fast and simple mounting and setting to reduce preparation times.


  • Machining with overhange up to 5xD with optimal cutting data
  • Higher cutting data
  • Better surface finish
  • Better tool and machine life
  • Reduced machine time up to 50% (compared to a classic system)



  • Made from high tensile steel with protective coating
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Coolant supply channels through the spigot
  • Ready-to-use


For more information about Steadyline contact your local representative

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• Significantly reduced cutting vibrations
• Increased cutting parameters
• Superior surface finishes
• Longer tool life
• Versatility of interchangeable heads
• Reduced tooling inventory and cost
• High precision and repeatability
• Simplicity and ease of use