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Square T4 Helical

Reliable and cost-effective helical shoulder milling

Used for slotting and contouring/shouldering applications, the Square T4-08 Helical excels at cutting difficult-to-machine metals including cast iron, steel, stainless steel and alloy materials. Designed with both normal and close pitch variations, the Square T4-08 Helical is versatile and provides excellent surface quality. The entire product range features integrated through-coolant channels and high-precision copy milled insert pockets with axial support to provide extended tool life and eliminate insert misalignment.


The new T4-12 Helical milling cutters feature larger, tangentially mounted inserts, each with four cutting edges. The cutters allow for increased depths of cut and higher machining parameters for roughing and semi-finishing of steels, cast irons and various difficult materials.

Tangential mounting reinforces insert stability, improves chip flow and provides unrestricted access to mounting screws, while multiple cutting edges help reduce tool cost per part. The curved-edge inserts are available in high-positive-rake geometries and corner radii up to 3.1 mm (0.125") in the front row to address a wide variety of workpiece requirements.

The cutters, in normal-pitch versions, perform slotting and contouring applications. Close-pitch versions do contouring only, with radial width-ofcut capability of 30 percent in full axial depth of cut.


  • Performs slot milling and contouring/shouldering machining
  • Four cutting edges on each LOEX0804 insert
  • Features integrated through-coolant channels and high-precision copy milled insert pockets with axial support
  • Includes two different pitches; normal for slotting and contouring, and close exclusively for contouring
  • Tangential mounting provides excellent insert support, counteracts cutting



  • M08 and MD08 insert geometries
  • MP3000, MK2050 and F40M grades
  • Comprehensive body diameter range from 25 mm - 100 mm (1.0" - 4.0")
  • Depth of cut capability of 22 mm – 64 mm
  • A variety of corner radii from 0,4 mm to 3.1 mm (0.031" to 0.125")
  • Seco-Capto™, Seco-Weldon, Arbor and Combimaster™ mounting types



  • Tangential mounting increases rigidity and machining stability
  • Four edges per insert reduces insert cost and boosts productivity
  • Two pitch versions, normal and close, expand application options
  • Variable axial rake angle on upper rows provides smooth cutting and enhances tool life
  • Optimised flute design provides excellent chip evaluation