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Precimaster™ Plus


Seco’s new generation Precimaster Plus modular, indexable-head reaming system provides accuracy and part processing versatility. Through a selection of various reamer shanks and heads, users can accommodate a variety of hole sizes and workpiece materials with fewer required tools. Additionally, new system design enhancements boost reaming speed, precision and repeatability for overall better production. With the system, industries such as aerospace and automotive gain extreme process stability and dependability paired with the lowest cost per part.


Precimaster Plus now uses solid-carbide disposable heads up to diameter 32 mm, coated and uncoated, in various diameters that mount to a standard range of shanks. As opposed to traditional brazed-tip technology, solid-carbide heads allow for an increased number of cutting teeth on the same head diameters for faster feed rate capability. Solid carbide also extends tool life, delivers increased stability for tougher materials and makes for a more cost-effective system.

A new Precimaster Plus patented high-precision connection ensures reamer head exchanges are fast and easy with repositioning repeatability and runout of under 3 microns. The new connection handles much higher levels of transmissible driving torque due to its special threevertical- drive-pin design. Internal axial clamping forces draw heads up and into system shanks, creating a strong and secure interface. Users gain the confidence and dependability to run any reamer head with any shank and for any material.

For chip control and management, Precimaster Plus reamer shanks can apply different types of flushing for both blind and through holes. Tool body coolant outlets in the front force chips up along head flutes and out of blind holes, while standard through-tool coolant blasts chips forward and away from the tool for efficient through-hole reaming.


Two new tool shank designs from Seco offer floating and adjustability for fully optimised, high-precision reaming operations. As an extension of the Precimaster Plus indexable-head reaming system, the new PMX-FL and PMX-AD shanks greatly improve hole surface finishes, eliminate runout and correct for misalignment without the need for special toolholders.

Seco’s new shanks incorporate compact internal systems for such functionalities, eliminating the need for special toolholders for floating and adjustability functions. Compared to special toolholders, the new shanks also situate reamers closer to machine spindle noses for less tool overhang.

Seco’s built-in floating system for static and turning-machine reaming applications is purely mechanical and much more stable than the common rubber or elastomere-type technology used on other similar tools. Also, the internal adjustment on Seco's new shank for rotating applications is mechanical in design and uses six screws to provide precise settings and effectively correct for spindle runout down to less than 0.005 mm.


Typically, no one enjoys making hard choices. When it comes to our Precimaster Plus, however, you’re going to like the hard choices we’re putting in front of you. Meet the new RN2010, RM2090 and RS2090 grade options for the Precimaster Plus modular system's solid-carbide interchangeable heads.

Featuring high Vickers hardness, these grades bring tight tolerances, high process security and exceptional tool life to demanding blind and through-hole reaming operations in ISO N, M and S materials. They undergo special edge preparation and have specifi c cutting geometries that make them highly optimised for processing these materials.

No matter the grade, each reamer head has an impressive number of cutting teeth per diameter, allowing them to run at feed rates that are 30 percent faster than competitive designs. Surface fi nishes between Ra .4 and Ra .8 are also easily achievable. Furthermore, the patented connection of the Precimaster Plus provides fast head exchanges with a repositioning repeatability and run-out of under three microns.


• Disposable, indexable heads optimised for specifi c applications
• RN2010 uncoated sub-micrograin grade for ISO N materials
• RM2090 coated wear-resistant grade for ISO M materials
• RS2090 coated wear-resistant grade for ISO S materials


• New grades join fi ve existing coated and uncoated grades
• Cutting diameters from 10 mm to 60 mm (.394" to 2.362")
• Universal, aggressive feed and fi ne fi nish lead geometries
• Floating and adjustable shanks in four standard diameter sizes
• Short, medium and long length shank options
• Tool body coolant outlets available for through and blind-bore applications


• IT7 hole tolerances
• High process security
• Consistent performance
• Long, predictable tool life
• Superior surface fi nish
• Fast, easy tool setup
• Short cycle times
• Low cost per part


For further information please see catalogue / Machining Navigator Update 2016-2 pages 134-139