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Winning Solutions - Gear Milling cutters

Seco Tools innovation in milling has always been an integral part of our gear machining development.  Seco can provide v-shaped cutters for roughing using standard or special inserts, profile roughing and finishing cutters for internal or external gears, and gear hobbing cutters that use indexable inserts.

Profile ground inserts in combination with high precision cutters, lead the total solution to high performance machining of gear tooth flanks. Carbide grades, coatings and geometries are developed and combined to achieve the best available performance.

V-shaped cutters

  • Developed for high performance
  • Tailored carbide grades and coatings
  • Standard and custom design inserts

V-shaped cutters can be used for roughing multiple gear forms depending on the gear machining process.


Above:  a typical example of gear nomenclature    

Roughing Profile Cutters

  • Ground inserts for constant cutting depth in finishing
  • Inserts with 2, 4 or 8 edges
  • Optimized radial and axial rakes for smooth cutting

Roughing profile cutters can be used in conjunction with finishing profile cutters or simply for a pregrinding operation.


Finishing Profile Cutters

  • Ground concave and convex inserts
  • Gear profile according to DIN3960
  • State of the art surface finishing: Ra = 0,2 micron
  • Clamping using two screws to obtain correct positioning as well as providing a secure clamping force
  • High precision insert pockets for repeatability
  • High gear quality

Finishing profile cutters can reduce the need for grinding operations depending on the involute profile tolerance.


Hobs with Indexable Carbide Inserts

  • Carbide inserts with multiple cutting edges
  • Low machining costs
  • Spiral construction, extendable design
  • Selection of profiles
  • Tailored carbide types and coatings
  • For module size starting from 4,75 mm with and without protuberance

Indexable carbide insert hobs provide high productivity over traditional hobs and has the benefit of being an indexable solution.



Task To increase production throughput of gears used in pitch and yaw drive assemblies used in wind turbines
Solution Replace existing multiple step gear tooth machining process with indexible carbide insert hob resulting in one efficient operation

A dramatic decrease in cycle time of 92% and a stable operation that required less handling time