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X4 is an answer to present-day requirements in parting-off and grooving. Tangential strong insert bodies with cutting edges in a variety of widths are the appropriate recipe for chasing cost savings and productivity without hazarding the reliability.

X4 in holderThe new X4 provides narrower cutting edge widths combined with greater cutting depth capability. Narrower cutting edge widths used in parting-off means less raw material waste, and narrower cutting edges are also essential in grooving and copying of small complex components.

Particularly advantageous is the possibility to combine one toolholder with all available insert sizes which reduces stock-keeping and increases flexibility.


The product ranges cover, in total, six cutting edge widths from 0.5 up to 3mm and imperial, from .031” up to .094”. Cutting depth stretches from 2.6 up to 6.5mm and maximum bar diameter to cut off varies from Ø5.2 mm up to Ø13 mm depending on the insert width.

Working range of X4


Chipbreaker MC, is capable of manoeuvering the chip formation in a variety of workpiece materials with exemplary comma or clock-spring formed chips. Another effective and useful feature is the straight front edge line which always produces a straight bottom in the groove. MC is available in neutral style intended for grooving and parting-off and also in angled right and left hand(R/L) shapes mainly for use in parting off bar and tube where the angled edge enables a reduction in centre pip or burring.


An additional boost to tool life and chip control can be achieved with the Jetstream Tooling Duo concept supplied as standard on both shank and Capto toolholders. What makes the difference, compared to conventional external cooling, is the coolant outlet positioned in the clamp close to the cutting edge and an additional outlet underneath the cutting edge. These coolant jets cool the insert and chip efficiently and the force from the upper jet also contributes to curling the chips in a favourable manner.



  • Flexibility, all inserts can be fitted in all types of holders
  • Productivity, tool life and chip control is enhanced by Jetstream Tooling Duo
  • Economy, narrow cutting edge widths contribute to less raw material waste



The two grade offerings, CP500 and CP600 provide a broad coverage of applications and workpiece materials. CP600 is considered as the first choice, a basic grade with advantageous mix of both toughness and wear resistance. When more wear resistance is needed then the harder CP500 should be selected.

X4 Grade overview


• Tangential, rigid design provides stability and high productivity
• Jetstream Tooling Duo
• Neutral and angled R/L inserts
• Straight cutting edge generates a straight groove bottom
• Can also be used in longitudinal turning
• Cutting edge widths metric from 0.5 up to 3.0 mm and imperial from .031" up to .094".
• Available in shanks, metric 1616, 2020, 2525 and imperial .63", .75", 1.00"
• Available in Capto, C4, C5, C6
• Typical components: Nuts, shafts, sleeves, fittings, screws, joints, caps, pulley wheels