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Duratomic® TK1001 & TK2001

Unmatched performance in cast iron turning

Improve productivity, tool life and reliability.

Seco TK2001 turningIncorporating Duratomic® coating technology, TK1001 and TK2001 cast iron grades (ISO K) are already providing a new level of productivity for users around the world. New additions to this range expand the application areas that can benefit from the versatility of TK2001 and optimising capability of TK1001.

TK1001 is recommended for grey irons, with TK2001 offering superior performance in more demanding ductile irons. The TK grades offer reliable performance, higher cutting data and increased tool life for fewer tool changes.





  TK1001 TK2001
Grade description

A hard fine-grained tungsten carbide turning grade with low binder phase content. Coated with CVD Ti(C,N) + Al203 Duratomic® coating.

 A fine-grained tungsten carbide turning grade with adaptive toughness. Coated with CVD Ti(C,N) + Al203 Duratomic® coating.
ISO Classification K10 K20 
Application area Wear resistance.
Specially designed to give long and reliable tool life in all common cast irons during stable conditions. Packed with peak performance in grey iron. The grade for the highest productivity.
 Versatility and Reliability.
The first choice for general purpose cast iron turning. Wide working window, capable of high speed as well as interrupted cuts. Offers long predictable tool life even in unstable conditions where high edge security is needed. Peak performance mainly in nodular cast irons.
Components Cylinders, Brake drums, Hubs, Housings, Brake discs, Fittings Differential housings, Camshafts, Clutches, Wheel hubs, Shafts, Pulleys



TK1001   TK2001
  • Optimization and productivity
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Long & reliable tool life
  • Versatility and reliability
  • Wide working window
  • Long predictable tool life



TK1001   TK2001
  • First choice in Grey Cast Iron up to semi-stable conditions
  • Works well under Stable conditions in Nodular Cast iron
  • First choice in Nodular Iron
  • Reliable choice in Heavy interrupted cuts in Grey Cast Iron.

Grey cast iron


Nodular iron