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Duratomic® TP2500

TP2500The Ultimate Grade – TP2500

Long, predictable tool life and the capability to increase cutting speeds and feed rates make TP2500 the obvious choice if you want high volume and limited/unmanned production.

When used in combination with the appropriate chip breaker geometry, TP2500 provides excellent results in near-net shape turning applications.

Increase cutting data, productivity and quality - reduce costs
TP2500 also provides excellent results in higher speed and feed machining. It offers very good characteristics for machining with or without coolant and has an incredibly secure cutting edge.

With its predictable performance and ability to handle mixed production, both material and application, TP2500 provides solutions for smaller shops as well - offering a huge competitive advantage - more parts out the door, fewer changes, smaller tooling inventories and faster turn-around.

What TP2500 does:
• High feed and speed
• High metal removal rates wet and dry machining flexibility
• Wet and dry machining flexibility
• Wide working window
• First choice for general steel turning
• Offers long tool life
• Limited/unmanned production
• Extreme flank wear resistance
• Part accuracy
• Versatility
• Mixed production
• Secured edge line
• Finishing to moderate interruptions
• Reduced BUE-tendence
• High surface finish