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Plunge milling cutters

Plunge millingPlunging was invented to be able to remove large quantities of material and is especially adapted for applications where long overhang is needed, for example in 3D milling.

Seco® was the first to introduce standard plunging cutters on the market, which means that we have long experience in the field and the widest range on the market.

Under normal conditions, a large overhang automatically means that cutting data must be reduced to prevent deflection of the tool, often leading to vibrations, poor surface finish and inferior dimensional accuracy. However, the principal of operation of the plunging cutter enables high cutting data to be used at overhangs many times greater than in “conventional” operations.

Plunging is the most efficient milling system in terms of removing lots of materials in the fastest possible way. Plunging cutters allow very high material removal rates which makes them state-of-the-art for roughing in 3D milling applications.

When plunging the cutting forces are directed in the direction of the spindle. This means that plunging has an outstanding performance when machining with large overhangs. Seco offers the widest range of standard plunge milling cutters on the market.

    R217/220-79-12 with SCET12-inserts are intended for roughing operations. Diameter range 32–200 mm (1.25"- 8.0").
  • R217/220.79 with AP16-inserts 1.5"- 5.0" (Ø 40–125 mm) and L217.79 with XC13-inserts 1.25" - 2.0" (Ø 32–50 mm) are intended for semi-finishing.
  • R217.79 with XO-09 inserts .75" - 2.0" (Ø 20–50 mm) and R217/220.79 with XO-12 inserts 1.0" - 2.5" (Ø 25–63 mm) are intended for finishing operations.

The above mentioned cutters with XO-inserts can be used for both up-copying and down-copying in an axial feed direction e.g. for deep walls in mould tools. All cutter systems have internal coolant holes for best chip evacuation.

Plunging inserts are also available in Minimaster® in diameter 6–16 mm.