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Secomax™ CBN400C
Chipbreaker Inserts

Secomax CBN300Designed for grey cast iron machining, the Secomax™ chipbreaker is the first and only positive geometry on a solid insert.

This means that one insert has eight positive cutting edges, making the CBN400C chipbreaker very cost effective and user friendly.

The CBN400C chipbreaker is designed with an increased rake angle, which increases the cutting edge shear angle. This leads to lower cutting forces and  lower levels of transferred energy. The result is lower temperature levels in the cutting zone.

Improvement in tool life has been achieved through reduced crater wear, due to lower temperature and load. Reduction in both cutting temperature and cutting forces leads to a reduction in possible chemical attack of the cutting edge, thereby increasing tool life.

Advantages to the workpiece are improved component accuracy due to lower cutting forces. In addition there is an improvement in surface finish due to the improved chip flow.

Tests carried out in machining cylinder bores with CBN400C chip breaker showed an increase in tool life of 50% compared with the equivalent negative rake insert geometry.


PCBN Chipbreaker

PCBN Chipbreaker for improved chip control.


Laser machining provides several benefits over conventional production technologies such as grinding; Laser technology meets the highest requirements regarding dimensional accuracy, geometrical precision and surface quality for the machining of intricate, three-dimensional geometries. These advantages and possibilities have led to a complex formed chipbreaker with “bumps” that would have been impossible to produce with any other production technology.

This laser made chipbreaker gives you improved chip control leaving you with:

  • Improved surface quality
  • Less machine stops due to swarf issues
  • Reduction of "bird nest" formation to reduce clean up time


PCBN Chipbreaker

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