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Secomax™ CBN060K

CBN060KWith the launch of Secomax CBN060K, Seco® will combine many new technologies and unique concepts to offer you a whole new level of product performance.

Secomax CBN060K has been designed specifically for turning case hardened steels within the application area of H10 – H20.

The grade is the result of extensive development and relies on several entirely novel and patented technologies. Let us show you the benefits of our advanced technologies and more importantly what they mean to you.

  1. Multi-layer K coating (patent pending) - enhancing performance
    The coating of PCBN cutting tools for case hardened steel machining is now an established performance enhancer.
  2. Micron sized CPN particles - enhanced surface finish
    The core of any PCBN cutting tool is the cBN grit. The size distribution, make up and homogeneity all contribute to the product’s ultimate performance.
  3. Superalloy binder (patent pending) - a worlds first
    CBN060K incorporates the world’s first superalloy binder with a TiCN hard phase.
  4. Otimised cutting edge profile for reliable machining
    The accuracy and form of the cutting edge are key elements for long and predictable tool life.
  5. Multiple product formats - optimum format flexibility
    Seco were the first and currently the only supplier to offer the same PCBN grade in a solid or brazed tip format with the launch of CBN050C.
  6. Helix wiper (pat.) - a new type of wiper technology
    Wiper technology is now an established method for decreasing cycle times and increasing productivity.