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Duratomic® TP3500

TP3500 – a highly versatile grade that completes Seco’s Duratomic® grade chain for steel turning. It’s tough and it will meet all your demands.


For applications where harder and more wear-resistant grades show unpredictable behaviour, TP3500 is a top performer that will increase your productivity.

TP3500 is the tough choice that makes your choice of inserts easy by fitting precisely into Seco’s Duratomic grade chain for steel turning inserts.

The Duratomic® chain

  • TP1500- Specially designed to give long and reliable tool life at high temperatures and speeds during stable conditions. The grade for the highest productivity.
  • TP2500 - First choice for general purpose steel turning. Wide working window, capability to handle high speeds as well as moderately interrupted cuts. Also performs well in ISO M and K applications.
  • TP3500 - Offers long, predictable tool life in unstable conditions where high edge security is needed and harder, more wear resistant grades show unpredictable behaviour. Also offers a level of toughness suitable for ISO M applications.