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MR6 Chipbreaker

Designed for a new level of performance.

MR6 is designed for peak performance in medium-rough turning of steels. The open design is engineered to generate very low cutting forces and therefore reduce temperature in the cutting zone. This reduction of temperature can be utilized to increase the cutting speed in order to gain productivity.

MR6 Chipbreaker

The main advantage with MR6 is that the open and highly positive design allows the use of higher cutting speeds compared to traditionally shaped chipbreakers.

The MR6 chipbreakers have been individually designed for each insert considering insert size, shape and size of the corner radii, to cover as much area as possible and will work excellently in the primary target area of medium rough turning of steels.

MR6, Seco® latest geometry, has been engineered for the mediumrough application area, generating low cutting forces while utilizing high feeds for excellent metal removal and long reliable tool life.

MR6 is an excellent performer when looking for high removal rates, and together with MF5 for NNS-components, an ideal combination to machine a complete component from roughing to finishing.