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Six Competitive Edges

Do you want to reduce cost as well as improve performance? Well, we can offer you just that with our new square shoulder milling innovation.

Square 6 insert 08 Square 6 insert 04
Square 6-08 Square 6-04

The Square 6™ milling cutter: a reliable, cost-effective solution for many milling operations. Square 6 may be the only tool you need!

Square 6 include two different insert sizes to cover the application area according to depth of cut capability.

Six key advantages of this exciting and revolutionary milling cutter are:

  • Lower cost per part
  • Lowest cost per edge
  • True 90° Walls
  • A high quality surface finish
  • Versatility
  • A solutions provider



Three cutting edges on each side, six in total – the bottom line is lower cost per cutting edge. Using inserts that are periphery ground and have built in wipers, the result is a top quality surface finish. The 90° setting angle ensures a true 90° square in one milling operation, saving valuable production time.

Square 6 also gives the same high performance on a wide range of materials, in several different operations and machining conditions, such as:

  • Facemilling
  • Contouring
  • Slotting by plunging
  • Plunging
  • Slotting
  • Square shoulder milling



For even greater realization of productivity and economy, we’ve included our revolutionary Duratomic coating technology – available for Square 6 in four different grades for machining a range of ISO materials.


There are three pitches including coarse, normal and close pitch cutters which have the same diameter with a different number of teeth. We also offer three different insert geometries to handle a range of materials: ME for stainless steel; M for steel and cast iron and MD for harder materials and higher cutting speeds. You can always find the right insert geometry for the material and/or working conditions.

Talk with your local Seco Authorized dealer or a Seco Tools representative about the versatile Square 6 and see why Seco is an award winning industrial partner.Square 6 group