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Crownloc® Plus

Crownloc® Plus is a new generation of Seco drills with exchangeable crowns. Featuring new geometry, coating and locking interface, Crownloc Plus improves chip evacuation and wear resistance in a variety of materials. Moreover, it requires no regrinding or resetting.

Crownloc PlusCost efficiency with Crownloc® Plus

Decrease your cost /hole with longer tool life using Crownloc Plus. It offers superior wear resistance as well as hole quality; increasing the output and saving you money.


Strong drill body design

  • High strength locking interface
  • Deep and wide flutes
  • Polished body


New optimised geometry

  • Improved chip formation
  • Enhanced entering capability
  • Increased wear resistance
  • TiAlN coating





The first choice for general applications, the P geometry is a strong and versatile solution that provides reliable operation in applications across a range of different materials.


Utilising a free cutting drill point to minimise heat generation, the M geometry provides excellent performance in high temp alloys, titanium, titanium alloys and stainless steel. A 10% micrograin substrate, TiAlN coating and lowfriction TiN coating on the exchangeable head combine to increase toughness and reduce the potential of edge build up.


The L geometry incorporates a flat geometry with a 140-degree centre point, achieving optimal chip control in ductile, long-chipping steels. Double land margins make the geometry a strong choice for demanding applications, such as angled exits. The 180° angle design makes the L geometry suitable for countersink operations for bolt heads. The diameter range covers the most common metric bolt sizes.


  • High productivity
  • Excellent chip evacuation
  • Flexibility
  • Easy handling


User benefits  
  • Increased output
  • Process security
  • Less tool inventory
  • No regrinding costs


Crownloc Plus range

Diameter range

12,00 - 19,90 mm

Depth of cut 3xD, 5xD & 8xD
Ra 1 - 3 um
Shank designs cylindrical, ISO 9766
Hole tolerance IT9 - IT10
Coating TiA1N coating
Set up Shrinkfit, hydralic chucks